First Words

Who the hell is this guy? First and foremost he’s a guy who will say hell. Not heck. You will not hear “Aw fruit!” when I stub my toe. And if I say “shoot”, a gun will be involved. And that is in the nature of things.

So, why the hell should this guy, he who says “hell“, who’s already just a tad busy with his day job – just a tad, you understand – spend time creating yet another blog in a sea of blogs? Does the Earth need yet another rant? Can we not live without a further detailed description of why Spiderman II sucked and why the Matrix is the best movie ever created? I think we might survive. But, in the off chance that I’m wrong, if I absolutley must put finger to keyboard if not pen to paper, then perhaps I will show enough self control to pen only what I wish I were able to readily find in the blog-O-sphere.

Every good speech, book, course, conversation and meal remain true to themselves: they stick to their topic. I am hereby committing to that: everything I address will someone relate to the Natura Rerum – the Nature of Things. I promise!


~ by naturarerum on July 16, 2008.

One Response to “First Words”

  1. A very good start. Ane well said.

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