IT ROI and Performance Measurements – T minus 2 days

OK, so here’s where we are in the process:

  • A large group kick off meeting was held to set the context & explain the goals
  • IT Service Offerings were listed out and attributed to different groups
  • Each group was appointed a leader responsible for reporting a total to his group leader in turn
  • Each group was given an appropriate measurement type  – money or downtime
  • The tallies are due by end of day today

Issues we’ve run into and lessons we’ve learned:

  • Hard numbers vs. soft numbers
    How much guess work is reasonable?        
  • Realized value vs. potential value
    How do you account for things put in place that will save time and money?
    For this, we’ve chosen to track them separately, and evaluate the benefit in the future.
  • When do you monetize your own time?
    If you perform a task is not part of your job and you’d ordinarily outsource it, then that is pure savings.
  • Buy in from the team
    There’s definitely push back from certain people on why we need to be doing this. When the whole team is overworked to begin with, why should we be adding a lot of work outside of providing IT Services?This is an important issue. In order to address it, I’m gathering estimates from everyone to determine how much time we actually spent. I’ll be reporting on that in the next posting.
  • What are the right measurments?
    Money is a great measurement, but it can be hard to figure out for IT.
    We’re now also tracking downtime in minutes.
    And lastly today, we’re also including site visits for our marketing sites as an indicator of brand  market share
  • Lots of offers for help and review were provided
    2 out of 3 of my direct reports took me up on that offer.
    4 out of 15 employees took me up on that offer.

~ by naturarerum on February 17, 2009.

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