About Eric Edelstein

Highlights of milestones that seemed so important at the time:

Undergrad Degrees from Johns Hopkins in Math and French Language & Literature

Ph.D. in Math from FSU – Categorized singularities in high co-dimentional decompositions over generalized manifolds. Created new techniques for extending local cup product behavior to cohomology sheaves which allowed for finer characterization of singularities. Wolfgang Heil and John Bryant taught me everything I know about Topology.

Doctoral minor in Quantum Physics.

N.B.: Can’t use any of that to even fix a toaster.

N.B.: N.B. stands for Nota Bene (latin) – Note well – and yes, I assure you, there will be a test on this.

Independent Contractor (C++ Software developer) for:

  • Fidelity Investments
    This was not your usual idea of a stuffy investment house. I loved those guys – we actually used to quote from “the Book of Booch”.
    If you wanted to make a change to anything in the Core, you had to justify it with references from Grady Booch’s book on Object Oriented Programming.
  • Aetna
  • Varian Semiconductor
    Best job anyone could ever have. I got to work on DCOM remote control of realtime control system – kick ass cool work.
  • WorkforceLogic
    Very smart folks who taught me a great deal

Currently, I’m the Chief Technology Officer for the Nelson Family of Companies in Sonoma, CA. We’re a family of companies in the HR world. We contain:

  • HRhome – A Go-To Resource for HRhome Professionals
  • Nelson Jobs – A Northern California focused Job Board with a difference. Unlike most other boards, this is backed by a large set of recruiters who can actually focus on getting people lined up with real jobs.
  • Nelson Technology – A Staffing and Recruiting company placing tech folks.
  • Nelson And Associates – A Company specializing in getting accountants and other highly trained professionals into high paying jobs.
  • Nelson Staffing – A placement organization for temp work.
  • WorkforceLogic – A combination of software and services for managing contingent workers.

Linked In: Click here.


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